Qing Shu Spicy Hot Pot brings you the epitome of a self-serve Hot Pot adventure, presenting a vast selection of over 100 fresh and high quality ingredients alongside more than 15 distinctive choices in soup bases, dry pot styles, and dry mixes. This diverse array allows you to fashion your Hot Pot precisely to your preferences!

Premium Tomato Soup base

"The Tomato Soup Base" is a tangy and savory soup base made primarily with tomatoes.This flavorful broth combines the richness of tomatoes with aromatic spices and herbs, creating a distinctive taste that enhances various ingredients cooked in the hot pot.

Signature Spicy Soup base

"The Signature Spicy Soup Base" is a fiery and aromatic soup base that ignites the taste buds. Infused with a blend of potent spices like Sichuan peppercorns, dried chili peppers, and various herbs, this broth delivers an intense, numbing heat that leaves a lingering and addictive sensation.

Szechuan Pickled Pepper Soup Base

The flavor of "Szechuan Peppercorn Soup Base" is a harmonious blend of numbing heat and aromatic essence. Infused with the fiery punch of Sichuan peppercorns and the fragrant aroma of vine peppers, this broth offers a complex and tantalizing taste experience.

Original Pork Bone Soup base

"The Original Pork Bone Soup base" is a rich and flavorful soup base created through meticulous simmering of Pork bones. This slow-cooking process extracts deep, savory flavors,resulting in a robust and hearty broth.

Supreme Hot and Sour Soup base

"The Supreme Hot and Sour Soup Base boasts a golden hue, offering a tantalizing blend of sourness and spiciness. The broth is not just flavorful but also visually appealing with its transparent allure. Enhanced by its aromatic essence, the broth's richness tantalizes the senses, inviting irresistible whiffs.

Szechuan Spicy Mala Dry Mix

Hot and numbing A bold and spicy seasoning blend that will take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure. Made with a unique blend of Szechuan peppercorns, dried chili pepper, garlic, ginger and other spices, giving it complex and unforgettable flavor profile.

Sesame-Peanut sauce Mala Dry Mix

Bold, nutty and creamy sesame peanut paste dry mix is a mouth watering dish that’s perfect for foodie who enjoy bold and nutty flavors. Tossed in a rich and creamy sesame peanut sauce that adds a delicious umami flavor to every bite.

Szechuan Pickled Cabbage Soup Base

A tangy, savory, and distinctively flavorful soup, our Sauerkraut broth is a tantalizing blend of tangy and tasteful goodness, crafted from fermented Chinese pickle cabbage, commonly known as 'suan cai.' Infused with Chinese spices and herbs, this broth presents a unique and savory taste profile, delicately balanced with a hint of delightful sourness.

Signature Spicy Dry Pot

"Experience the bold flavors of our Spicy Dry Pot, where you stir-fry your preferred ingredients with a selection of over 20 Chinese herbs and spices, creating a fiery explosion of taste. Our hotpot is renowned for its numbing, spicy, fresh, and fragrant characteristics. Also available in tomato flavor and black bean sauce flavor

Szechuan Pickled Pepper Soup Base

Our Dominantly Spicy Pickled Pepper Soup Base is highly acclaimed. Crafted from select pickled peppers, this broth emanates a robust aroma. Its fierce spiciness elevates the depth and complexity of flavors in your ingredients.

Korean Kimchi Soup base

The Korean kimchi soup base is based on kimchi and secret hot sauce, and a variety of fresh ingredients are added to make the soup bright red and attractive. The taste is fresh and fragrant, sour and spicy, and the nutrition is particularly rich.

Herbal Pork Tripe and Chicken Soup Base

Our broth is a fusion of traditional Chinese herbs and fresh ingredients, featuring the unique combination of medicinal herbs, pork stomach, and chicken. This broth emanates a fragrance of natural herbs, complemented by the richness of chicken and pork stomach, offering a deep and gentle flavor. Its distinctive medicinal essence enhances your hot pot experience, adding a unique and nourishing taste.

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